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At Medical Cannabis Outreach in Pekin, IL, we help residents of the Peoria metropolitan area get natural treatment for severe or debilitating conditions rather than turning to prescription drugs and addictive opioids. Our experts firmly believe in the benefits of medical marijuana for alleviating the painful symptoms of different kinds of cancer, traumatic brain injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and many other chronic diseases. If you are suffering, our in-clinic physicians can determine your candidacy for a medical marijuana license in the state of Illinois and assist you in applying for a medical card as per the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program.

Upon scheduling a consultation with our physicians at Medical Cannabis Outreach in Pekin, we will sit down with you in order to determine whether you qualify for a medical card. Click here for more information about what to bring to your appointment, including medical records that show the history of your medical condition, two proofs of residency, a valid driver’s license, and more. If you have a health condition that qualifies you for a medical marijuana card, we will then walk you through the process of applying for a medical card for free, from filling out the required paperwork and having your photo taken for the medical card ID to paying the mandated state fee.

Our physicians at Medical Cannabis Outreach in Pekin are dedicated to the wellbeing of their patients — before, during, and after they have submitted their medical card application through us. When you choose us as your medical card provider, we will provide expert advice about what kind of medical marijuana treatment is best for you, from various strains of medical marijuana to different CBD oils, edibles, and topicals. We also run pain management and wellness clinics to assess and facilitate your relationship with the various treatments.

As we meet with you we’ll talk to you about how medical marijuana can be helpful in treating a variety of conditions, with results that can reduce, and in some cases, eliminate symptoms of:

Chronic pain: Many studies and reports state that chronic pain is the number one reason people seek medical marijuana and the relief it may provide them. Chronic pain can severely limit people’s lives and sometimes cause them to self-medicate using alcohol or other drugs. Medical marijuana can be a better long-term pain relief solution for many chronic pain sufferers.

PTSD: Some people suffering from PTSD have used medical marijuana to help reduce or eliminate the reliving of traumatic episodes and triggers of past trauma. There is some evidence that people who live with PTSD can find relief with medical marijuana, and then function in places and situations that used to trigger PTSD episodes.

Multiple Sclerosis: Some people living with MS have found that using marijuana has relieved their insomnia, tremors and other symptoms. There are others with MS who have used medical marijuana for relief from muscle spasticity. Various studies and fact sheets discuss these points, including this helpful FAQ from The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Contact us to learn about the budget-friendly options we offer for veterans and disabled patients, and visit us at 530 Margaret St. Pekin, IL 61554 today!