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At Medical Cannabis Outreach in Harrisburg, IL, we help patients seek natural treatment for severe or debilitating conditions like cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis (MS), and Alzheimer’s disease. Our team of physicians and industry experts understand how frustrating it is to apply for a medical card when you have to use third-party vendors for the photo ID, mandated state fee, and various other components, so we have created a free, streamlined application process that you can complete right here at our medical marijuana clinic in Harrisburg.

As the one-stop shop for medical marijuana cards, Medical Cannabis Outreach offers everything you need to get approved for a medical marijuana license in the state of Illinois. Upon scheduling a consultation with us, our physicians will evaluate your candidacy for a medical card based on your current medical records, residency status, driver’s license, and other important factors. Once you have been approved, we will hold your hand through the process of filling out and submitting a medical card application, having your photo taken, and paying the mandated state fee of $100 per year you register as a medical marijuana card holder in Illinois.

Our physicians are also happy to provide ongoing patient care in order to ensure that you are getting the treatment you need to alleviate your symptoms and live a comfortable, happy life. As medical marijuana experts, we know everything there is to know about different strains of medical marijuana, types of CBD oil, and topical cannabis products, so feel free to use us as a resource throughout your journey of wellness with medical marijuana.

Veterans and disabled patients qualify for a 50 percent discount on their medical marijuana license, so contact us to learn more and visit us at 540 N Commercial St. Ste. 420 Harrisburg, IL 62946 today. We look forward to meeting you!