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No one should have to deal with overwhelming, unbearable pain. If you're struggling, there are paths out there for you. Medical Cannabis Outreach works with patients to find options that will work for them. We offer medical cannabis evaluation services in Pekin, Champaign, Shelbyville, Harrisburg, Wicker Park and Wood River, IL, as well as Chesterfield, MO and Loveland, CO. You can depend on us for assistance with the application process and ongoing patient care.

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How does it work?

To obtain a medical marijuana license, you need to meet with a qualified physician to discuss your ailments. Your doctor will help you determine if medical cannabis is a good option for you.

The process includes...

  • Meeting with an on-site clinician for your medical cannabis consultation.
  • Submitting an application and paying any state-mandated fees
  • Waiting for the results of your medical cannabis evaluation.
  • Picking up your medical cannabis card as soon as the following day.

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